List of highlighted projects I've worked on, in no particular order.
zig-protobuf ↗ Visit site

Pure-zig protocol-buffers implementation and generator

zig-steamworks ↗ Visit site

Zig bindings for steamworks

well-known-components ↗ Visit site

Server architecture for Node.js

Lys ↗ Visit site

A programming language that compiles to WASM

tiny-clojure ↗ Visit site

A tiny subset of clojure for JavaScript

static-site-renderer ↗ Visit site

Tiny jekyll replacement built for Node.js (it powers this site)

Collaborative real-time engineering notes ↗ Visit site

Note taking application capable of

  • markdown
  • graphviz
  • sequence diagrams
node-ebnf ↗ Visit site

Create PEG parsers from a EBNF notation in JavaScript

Decentraland ↗ Visit site

The first blockhain metaverse project

DataWeave ↗ Visit site

The data transformation language that powers Mule ESB and Salesforce

eth-connect ↗ Visit site

A strongly-typed and dependency-free

mzcore ↗ Visit site

Typescript-based web framework using xml templates

gpg-shell ↗ Visit site

Encrypted env vars using GPG

http-bat (Blackbox Api Tester) ↗ Visit site

YAML-based testing fixtures to monitor/test http servers. Later evolved into an entire business vertical (Anypoint Monitoring)

Anypoint Monitoring ↗ Visit site

Bootstrapped the product, built the definitions, team and MVP

Arduz Online ↗ Visit site

Room-based mod of Argentum Online with a coordinator server